Oh, Grow Up

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Abby Laub

Vertical gardens are an attractive way to grow plants on a flat surface. photo by: Abby Laub.

Vertical gardening trend allows for plants in cramped spaces

Lexington, KY – Gardening is no longer reserved for retirees with time on their hands, or for people with lots of ground to work with. These days, thanks to a push to eat healthy, locally grown food, and an increase in new products designed for urbanites wanting to try out their green thumbs, backyard gardening is accessible to everyone –– whether they have a back yard or not.

“Especially when you talk about urban gardening, everyone has walls that they want to soften up,” said Steve King, owner of King’s Gardens, about the latest in vertical gardening techniques.

Vertical gardens can be utilized to beautify an exterior wall with something living, or to plant herbs, fruits and vegetables.

“If you put the right plants in there it’s relatively low maintenance,” King said, adding that vertical gardens can add texture, color and fragrance to confined outdoor living spaces. “It’s an instant green wall that you can use on your patio, where you don’t have a big soil space or a container. The soil is right in the unit.”

Jennifer McClanahan, manager of the color department at King’s said she sees this practice gaining popularity, as well as many other forms of home gardening –– whether it be in a raised bed, ceramic pots or vertically. More and more people are coming in to purchase herb and vegetable plants, beyond just flowers and greenery.

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