Lexington Catholic High School launching new learning enhancement center

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In the fall of 2013, Lexington Catholic High School will unveil the new High Marks Center for Learning Enhancement, according to a press release. The High Marks Center and its programs will be an expansion of the school’s current High Marks tutoring program and is designed to meet the diverse learning needs of all students including those with learning challenges through enriched and individualized academic support.

The High Marks Center will be staffed by trained faculty members during the entire school day. The High Marks Center will be used to administer teaching and testing accommodations and serve as a hub for learning interventions including resources such as Kurzweil, iPad learning programs, and technology-assisted skills remediation.

“The High Marks Center will offer all students an opportunity to reach their full academic potential. While the students will still receive instruction in the typical classroom setting, the High Marks Center will be a resource for any students who need additional assistance beyond that offered by the classroom teachers,” said Lexington Catholic High School Principal Sally Stevens.

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