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Robbie Clark

Mecca Studio wants to create another annual holiday favorite with “One Thousand and One Nights” 


Mecca performers rehearse prior to last year's production of "One Thousand and One Nights." PHOTO BY MICK JEFFRIES

Weeks before her company’s annual “Thriller” parade, which over the past 12 years has become a wildly popular Halloween event bringing thousands of people to downtown Lexington to watch hundreds of zombies and ghouls reenact the iconic Michael Jackson music video, Teresa Tomb, the founder and director of Mecca Live Studio & Gallery, was already deep in the process of establishing what she hopes will become yet another local holiday institution.

The Sunday before Thanksgiving this year (Nov. 24), Tomb and students from Mecca, along with a cast of other featured artists, will present their second annual production of the Middle Eastern storytelling epic “One Thousand and One Nights.”

As an instructional facility, the core of Mecca’s class and workshop emphasis is on the art of belly dance, and this production, which along with over 30 performers will include live musicians playing original and traditional compositions, gives Mecca students and instructors an opportunity for a public showcase.

“The goal with this dance form has always been elevating it to the stage, just like ballet or modern dance, which we’ve done for years,” Tomb said. “We decided it would be great to have it the same time every year, like ‘The Nutcracker.’ So hopefully later people will say, ‘It’s that time of the year for ‘One Thousand and One Nights.’

“It’s kind of like a reunion show because a lot of people that have been in the company that have gone on to different cities come back for it.”

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