GoodGiving Guide Challenge reaches $1 million goal, shows no sign of slowing down

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The third annual GoodGiving Guide Challenge, an online fundraising effort presented by Smiley Pete Publishing and Blue Grass Community Foundation, has surpassed its $1 million goal, and its organizers are hoping to raise even more money on behalf of 108 regional nonprofits as the campaign winds down on Dec. 31.

The fundraiser passed the $1 million mark on Dec. 18, the current total is nearly $1,140,000, a combination of $929,045 raised from 3,403 donations and $210,500 from awarded challenge prizes. Prichard Community for Academic Excellence has brought in the most money, with $45,021, and God’s Pantry Food Bank is in second place with $40,692 raised, and also has the most individual donations, at 249.

To add to the total, today, Dec. 19, the nonprofits participating in the project will vie for $100,000 in matching funds during the challenge’s Endow the Bluegrass Day. Through midnight, or until the or until the $100,000 in $.50 matching funds is exhausted, all money raised will go into a new or existing non-profit endowment at Blue Grass Community Foundation (BGCF) for the benefit of each qualifying non-profit.

Non-profits that do not already have an endowment established at BGCF can still participate and qualify for the matching funds if they raise $5,000 Thursday (non-profits without an endowment at BGCF that raise less than $5,000 will still get the donations as part of the regular GoodGiving Guide minus the match).

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