Drink of the Month: Franco-Dutch Julep

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Josh Durr

A New Twist on a Kentucky Classic 

Tired of the same-old mint julep? This international spin on the classic Kentucky cocktail incorporates the traditional Dutch spirit genever — a malty, botanical liquor that is considered the national spirit of the Netherlands — and the French apple-flavored brandy Dauphine Pays d’Auge, served in a traditional julep cup.


• 1 oz. of Bols Genever

• 1 oz. of Dauphine Pays d’Auge

• 1/2 oz. simple syrup

• 1 dash Angostura orange bitters

• 2 sprigs of fresh mint

• Cobbled ice

• Seasonal berries


Using a julep cup, rub one sprig of mint inside the tin to release oils, then discard. Add the booze, bittters and syrup to the julep cup; stir. Add cobbled ice and pull up with bar spoon until dilution is reached. Pack with cobbled ice hard and stop dilution. Garnish with mint, small stir straw and seasonal berries.

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