Drink of the Month: THE SAZERAC

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Theresa Stanley


Created in pre-Civil War-era New Orleans, the Sazerac is often considered
to be America’s first branded cocktail. A variation of the Old-Fashioned,
its original main ingredient was brandy, but rye whiskey now frequently
replaces that liquor.

A classic recipe includes an absinthe rinse of the glass, and the addition
of Peychaud’s bitters (comparable to Angostura bitters) as well as a lemon.
In our version, orange bitters replace Peychaud’s and the twist is orange.


• 3 oz. rye whiskey
• 1 sugar cube
• 3 dashes orange bitters
• 1 teaspoon absinthe
• 1 orange peel
• Ice cubes
• Old Fashioned glass


• Chill an Old Fashioned glass by filling it with ice. Let sit while preparing rest of drink.
• In a separate glass, muddle a sugar cube and bitters. Add rye whiskey and ice to the bitters glass; stir.
• Discard ice from the chilled glass and pour in absinthe. Swirl the liquid in the glass, discard liquid.
• Strain whiskey mixture glass into Old Fashioned glass.
• Twist orange peel over glass and hang on side as a garnish. (Do not drop peel in glass.)

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