Fund Established to Help Badly Burned Owner of Sav’s Grill; Goal Reached

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Mamadou 'Sav' Savanè

Mamadou 'Sav' Savanè

A fund has been established to aid the owner of two campus area businesses who was badly burned in a kitchen accident last week.

Mamadou ‘Sav’ Savanè, owner of Sav’s Grill & West African Cuisine and Sav’s Chill, located on opposite corners of Limestone and Maxwell, fell in his kitchen last week at Sav’s Grill while holding a 20 gallon pot of boiling peanut sauce.

Savanè sustained extreme burns over more than half of his body, including his face, neck, arms and torso, in the incident. He has since been transferred out of the Intensive Care Unit but remains at the University of Kentucky’s Chandler Hospital, according to his wife Rachel Savanè, owner of downtown Lexington business Savanè Silver.

With Sav in the hospital, where he’s expecting an extended stay and months of recovery before he can return to work, Rachel and her three children are pitching in at both food establishments.

A fund established by Business Lexington’s parent company Smiley Pete Publishing through the site is aiming to raise money for Savanè over the next few months to assist him in his recovery. While he does have health insurance, the campaign aims to help with additional medical costs as well as the out-of-pocket expense of keeping Sav’s Grill and Sav’s Chill in business, as well as helping the Savanè family as time is split between their three small businesses during Sav’s recovery.

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