PRHBTN Launches Kickstarter Campaign for 4th Annual Festival

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Sara Sproull

PRHBTN returns for the 4th Annual PRHBTN Street Art Festival more inspired and ambitious than ever with a rousing call to the community. With the help of a newly-launched campaign, organizers Jessica and John Winters hope to raise funds for this year’s projects and show on October 10-12 at Buster’s Billiards and Backroom, in the heart of Lexington, Kentucky’s burgeoning Distillery District. 

PRHBTN is an annual celebration of art forms that have been criminalized, marginalized, and under-appreciated in the mainstream, featuring public murals alongside an exhibition of street art works in a space that complements the raw, powerful nature of the message and artistry of each piece. This year, the fourth installment of PRHBTN seeks to expand its scope by inviting four artists to create large public murals in Lexington, much like the iconic Eduardo Kobra mural of Abraham Lincoln displayed on downtown Vine St.

The project connects local, regional, national, and international communities of seasoned art lovers and those new to the street art genre by showcasing artists, musicians, and businesses from across the street to across the globe, all of which are intrinsic to urban culture. With enough fundraising support, PRHBTN will be able to gather artists from all over the world to create new mural works around the city of Lexington, Kentucky. 


PRHBTN is proud to welcome this year’s first two artists, How And Nosm and Andrew Hem, who will be arriving with the help of dynamic duo Kurt and Kremena (locally known from the amazing Lexington Tattoo Project). Already, this installment creates a more diverse and globalized Lexington, with these artists alone hailing from New York City, Los Angeles, Germany, Belgium, and Columbia.

In previous years, the festival has brought world-renowned artists such as German artist duo HERAKUT, which painted expansive murals on walls of local landmarks such as the Kentucky Theatre and The Bazaar at the Gathering Place. In addition, the owners of these walls agreed not to alter the designs for a minimum of 10 years so that the city could experience the long-term impacts of these outreach projects.

Through sponsorships from local businesses and local citizens, PRHBTN has funded numerous pieces of art in downtown Lexington. The organizers also hold a commission-free art show which features local and regional artists who can show their work and keep 100% of art sales, thus connecting local artists with local businesses to produce commissioned artworks, murals, and signage throughout the year.

In addition to the art show and mural works, PRHBTN also features local and national music acts at Lexington’s own world-class music venue, Buster’s Billiards & Backroom.  Past acts have included Paper Diamond, Passion Pit, Wick-It The Instigator, and Mac Lethal, along with local favorites Nemo Achida, Ellie Herring, Dropship, Brocktologist, DJ Jamples, and more.

PRHBTN is both a passion and a business – dreaming does not often come cheaply. That being said, every dollar raised as a result of the Kickstarter website will go directly towards funding public art in the city of Lexington. Community proceeds help to cover the cost of transportation, paint and supplies, equipment rental, hotels and accommodations, food, and any additional miscellaneous expenses. All proceeds will be collected and distributed through LexArts, greater Lexington’s premier cultural development, advocacy, and fund raising organization.

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