Top Five Fried Chicken Spots

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Chris Eddie



670 North Broadway (859) 233-7985

My favorite dining experiences often include incredibly flavorful food at very reasonable prices; few places accomplish this better than Indi’s. The restaurant is drive-thru or carry-out only, but it’s worth it. If you don’t believe me, Esquire Magazine named Indi’s to its “Best Late-Night Food in the U.S.A.” list.

This. Is. Not. Health. Food.

My personal favorite meal is the spicy chicken (dark meat), potato wedges and a roll. The chicken is perfectly cooked and has a nice heat. They claim to use West Indian spices — I’m not exactly sure what that means, but it tastes like hot sauce to me. The wedges are fried in a spiced batter, and the roll is as basic as it gets. The combination is amazing. (Note the lack of anything healthy, whatsoever.)

If you like white(ish) meat, try the keel. An Internet search may still leave you confused as to what exactly a keel is, but allegedly it is in the vicinity of the bone between the breasts.

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