On Our Table: Spanish Gazpacho

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Seth Brewer

Photo by Sarah Jane Sanders

Recipe by Seth and Renee Brewer, Owners of Enoteca and Wine + Market

This gazpacho — a traditional Spanish preparation — is a riff on a recipe that Seth’s mom, Zoe, submitted to a Chex Mix recipe competition in the early 1980s. The recipe placed second, winning her a new kitchenette; however, because Seth’s dad was a cabinet maker, Zoe traded the kitchenette to her brother for a three-quarter-ton Chevy, which became the family’s farm truck for putting up hay.

In traditional Andalusian style, this gazpacho is silky smooth, not lumpy like salsa, the way many gazpachos are made. The cucumber and peppers add a refreshing zest, making it a much-requested summer soup at Enoteca.

Yields 3 quarts — for a smaller batch, use half the ingredients

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